Guy is the inventor of the ZISC (Zero Instruction Set Computer), a neural network digital chip back in 1993. He brings a long experience in semiconductors, in hard-wired artificial vision systems and in parallel pattern recognition architecture to the company. He is an “out-of-the-box” thinker and can solve complex problems related to sensing (especially vision) and artificial intelligence with elegant, yet practical solutions. Guy talent has served in several companies including Data Sud Systems (DSS), IBM, EuroPixels and General Vision Inc.

Anne Menendez founded General Vision (formerly named GTFS, Inc.) in 1987 to market and sell machine vision systems mostly based on the LabVIEW IMAQ Vision tools. After meeting Guy in 1997 and discovering the ZISC technology, both decided to refocus General Vision towards the design of image recognition systems based on neuromorphic hardware which lead to the development of the NeuroMem technology. Anne participated in the design and development of the NeuroMem CM1K chip. She develops the APIs and tools for the training and integration of NeuroMem hardware into image, signal and text analytics applications.

Anne Menendez

Guy Paillet

Dr Woo specializes in theoretical physics & mathematics, cryptographic algorithms, cyber-physical security, cloud-based architectures and DevOps, blockchains, Bayesian and neural networks, and the related areas.

Dr Woo is Chairman, IoT Security for Smart Nation Working Group, ITSC, Singapore. At the invitation of IMDA, he leads a Singapore team (CSA, GovTech and the technology partners) to participate in the Global City Teams Challenge 2018, a global competition jointly organized by NIST and the Department of Homeland Security, USA.


He regularly participates at industry roundtable discussions and speaks at international conferences. He is appointed Honorary Lecturer by the University of Glasgow.

SL Chan

Chan is an experienced consultant to a major China memory company and a strategic planner for the semiconductor industry.  

Dr Woo Kang Wei

Mr Oh is our research partner from Nanyang Polytechnic. His vast experience in vision and machine learning has propelled our use cases and applications for neuromorphic pattern recognition by great lengths. The team led by Mr Oh includes Dr Yeoh and Dr Nyan, both experts in embedded design and software programming on our technology fabric. 

Oh Tiong Keng