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Our Mission

We see a world automated, connected and intelligent. With smart operations for businesses and a wide range of intelligent sensors and products empowered by Ai. Our vision is to deliver smart Ai solutions and realise our dream of Ai for All, anywhere, anytime.

Our Story

LONGWAY Ai TECHNOLOGIES was incorporated in 2018, with the gathering of like minded individuals who wanted to make a difference. We believe that artificial intelligence should be affordable, easily accessible and be helpful to mankind and it's industries.

A team of visionary individuals from Singapore was formed. To pursue our goals above and making the company viable and to grow in technical expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. We were helped by our research partners and have grown immensely with projects in sectors such as machine monitoring and inspection, predictive analytics, facial recognition and human pose analytics. 

The company is led by Mr Calvin Ng, managing director of LONGWAY Ai TECHNOLOGIES. He is an experienced entrepreneur with decades of experience in startup companies and neuromorphic technologies. Our research partnerships  with General Vision and Nanyang Polytechnic has provided us with valuable domain expertise and practical application developments. Our sales and marketing director, Mr Gary Oh, is also an accomplished engineer and expert in the field of Ai. We are also supported by a pool of professors from artificial intelligence to cloud integration and cybersecurity. 

Experienced Leadership

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